‘Critical Challenge’: Doctors Can Now 3D-Print Blood Vessels – 1 June 2014

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RT logoOrgan replication took a leap at a Boston hospital, as doctors finally nailed the process of artificial vascularization with the use of advances in 3D bio printing together with biomaterials in order to create the first synthetic blood vessels.

Although huge strides have already been made in replicating all sorts of human tissue and organs, making delicate conduits from scratch was still some way off from reality. Now, by approaching the problem in a complex way involving several layers, vessels were engineered in a fashion conducive to the health of the blood vessel cells, which makes for more long-lasting vessels.

There is no other way to approach something that lines our entire bodies, performing the crucial function of delivering nutrients and siphoning off bad materials and waste in order to keep our organs alive. Blood vessels are incredibly fragile things – their constitution is infinitely more delicate than anything science…

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VIDEO — CrossTalk: Bleeding Ukraine ft. Graham Phillips


May 30, 2014

Why does the West stay indifferent to the mass killing in eastern Ukraine? Who are the people of the East? Has the revolution spent itself? And why is Nuland taking a victory lap when it comes to Ukraine? CrossTalking with Graham Phillips, David Speedie and John Robles.

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Soutenez le Collectif Maternité des Lilas

Solidarité Ouvrière

Soutien urgent !


le Collectif de la Maternité des Lilas :

Le projet

La maternité des Lilas se bat depuis 4 ans pour survivre.

Cet établissement défend depuis 50 ans les droits des femmes à disposer de leur corps à travers le droit à l’IVG d’une part mais aussi dans l’accompagnement de la naissance respectée et du choix d’accouchement.

L’avenir de la Maternité des Lilas se joue au 31 aout 2014 !

Le personnel de la Maternité des lilas, 150 salariés, est mobilisé depuis 4 ans au sein d’un collectif pour la reconstruction de la Maternité sur la commune des Lilas. Seule cette reconstruction assurera le respect du projet médical et la pérennité d’un établissement emblématique ancré dans le département de la Seine Saint Denis depuis cinquante ans. Après avoir entériné la reconstruction en septembre 2012, l’ARS (Agence Régionale de Santé d’IDF) est revenu sur sa décision en juin 2013.

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Shelf Life

the doodle house

It’s funny how there are some plans you stew and stew over before putting them into action, while others seem to be executed nearly immediately. The latter was the case for my most recent DIY–installing a set of shelves in the corner of our office. A routine Saturday browsing of the internets led me to stumble across a photo of an ingenious design for wall mounted display shelves that I felt compelled to emulate post haste.



Normally, I think it’s best to leave corners open and free of clutter, but there is so much I love about this design from A Home West. I think it’s a super way to display the artifacts that help define us while still maximizing storage capacity. And since storage has always been an issue for Heath and myself–I’m a bit of an impulse buyer, Heath’s got a smidge of hoarder in him–this solution seemed ideal…

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Djihadistes français…

Tempus Fugit....

nemmouche2Si j’avais dit à mon père qu’un jour, nous serions confrontés à la menace de « djihadistes français », il m’aurait regardé, éberlué, en se demandant si son fils n’avait pas « un grain ». Des « djihadistes français » ???

Qui, il y a trente ans aurait pu croire que la France deviendrait un jour, un pays pourvoyeur de combattants du djihad ???

Car hélas, nos enfants seront placés devant cette triste réalité : dans la guerre qu’un islam devenu fou livre désormais à l’occident, la France nourrit en son sein, les combattants d’une lutte qui se développe sur toute la planète et qui n’épargnera pas notre pays.

J’ai déjà eu l’occasion de l’écrire : le « ver est dans le fruit »,…et il ne sera pas facile de l’en extirper.

L’affaire Mehdi Nemmouche nous place face à nos incohérences, à nos naïvetés, et à notre laxisme.

Incohérence de notre politique étrangère à l’égard des Pays Arabes…

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Genève, la colonne du 1er juin


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAC’est donc ce dimanche que Genève commémorait le deux centième anniversaire, jour pour jour, du débarquement de 300 soldats de la Confédération au Port noir, opération menée à sa demande et qui devait mener un an plus tard à l’intégration complète du nouveau canton.

C’était une belle fête, ensoleillée, et comme on est à Genève, il y avait derrières les barrières dressées au Port noir pour la cérémonie, quelques citoyens qui râlaient contre tous ces « connaaaards d’officiels » qui se rincent le gosier au frais du contribuable. Mais, bon prince, le président du gouvernement François Longchamp lui-même est venu ouvrir la barrière, et le bon peuple a aussi eu droit à quelques triangles de fromages et tranches de viande séchée. Les discours étaient, paraît-il, moyens, sauf celui du Soleurois qui était en allemand – à la demande des autorités qui voulaient montrer ainsi leur esprit d’ouverture – et qui fut d’autant plus…

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The story blows in the wind

Le Drake Noir

W 024

A photo of a cozy street in the alsatian town of Kaysersberg.

Daily prompt « Split-Second Story« , my 2nd version.
*capture an image that tells a full story in a single frame*

Maybe we were chasing a good mood more
than trying to create it from scratch ourselves ..?

Are we trying to mirror ourselves in the glow of the scene
or would we rather be a part of the stage play
this isn’t about cinema or theater.
Really knows many who go out town to enjoy a cozy evening
they will wait anxiously for the fun to begin, for the good mood to start.
After waiting in vain so they move to another place and another and thereafter to another
maybe they were those who could had created a good atmosphere the first place.
if they created instead of chasing.
The answer remains in the air between the…

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Qatar Accused Of Paying $5Mn In Bribes To Win World Cup Bid – 1 June 2014

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RT logoSenior football officials in Africa received over $5 million in bribes to make sure Qatar won the bid for the 2022 World Cup, the Sunday Times reports citing leaked documents.

According to the paper, the money came from former FIFA vice-president and infamous Qatari businessman, Mohamed Bin Hammam.

Bin Hammam reportedly used 10 slush funds controlled by his private company – as well as cash handouts – to make dozens of payments of up to $200,000 to the heads of the 30 African football associations.

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link to original article

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Un autre pont…another bridge…

Art et Technique / Art and technics

De Vienne à Munich, une autre photo en noir et blanc, quelques ajustements ont été necessaires, mais il manque de détails les ombres, bon cela fera…donc un autre pont, peut-être est-ce ma formation initiale d’ingénieur civil qui remonte à la surface, quoique je n’ai jamais pratiqué dans ce domaine…parfois les carrières comme les routes, biffurquent…:)

From Vienna to Munich, another picture in black and white, a few adjustments were made, but either the exposure wasn’t quite right from the start, or my knowledge of photoshop still need some improvements, it is the best I can come up with. Maybe it is my original formation as a civil engineer, but it seems I do like photographing bridge and other structures, even if I never did practice in that field, sometimes a career like some roads, keep wandering…:)

Munich, Novembre/November 1986

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Parents In Ukraine’s Donetsk Rally, Demand Security For Their Kids – 1 June 2014

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RT logoDownload video (5.79 MB)

Over a thousand people rallied in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk on Sunday demanding that children be protected from Kiev’s assault, with posters reading « Save Donbass kids from the Ukrainian army! »

The « Protect Donbass Children » rally saw several hundreds come out on Sunday to the city center, many holding banners reading « No to the Ukrainian army, » « Slavic world without fascism » and « We are for peace« . Mothers with their kids, some injured women among them, demanded an end to the offensive in the region.

The military operation has not stopped after the Ukrainian elections, but has, in fact, intensified. Several children were reported injured in Slavyansk on May 30, after the Ukrainian military shelled the town’s residential area, with one of the shells hitting a children’s hospital. A couple of days earlier a school and a kindergarten were damaged by…

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Disney’s Magic Is Maleficent(ly) Strong: Biff Bam Pop’s Weekend Box Office Wrap-Up Report

Don’t bet against the Mouse.

That’s the lesson we all learned this weekend. Sure, my box-office prediction for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty backstory had Maleficent in first place, but I way, way, way underestimated the draw that the character (or was that Angelina Jolie?) would have on cinemagoers.

But hey! I was spot on with my science behind co-mingling westerns and comedy!

Follow me after the jump for a closer look at this weekend’s box-office numbers!

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Tying The Knot In London Town…

Vintage Reflection

wedding_blog_004wedding_blog_002Before you all get too excited, its not us getting married but Dave’s cousin Jenny. Last weekend we were lucky enough to celebrate the coming together of Jenny & Dan and whiteness there marriage. The nuptials took place in Islington Town Hall, which is a beaut of a building! After the last bit of confetti had been thrown we all piled onto the vintage red buses, with a can of Pimm’s in hand (making the journey even more fun!). We headed off across London to Mayfair. The reception was held at the Savile Club, which is one hell of a swanky place! The Bride and Groom looked amazing (look at that vintage inspired dress!!), the food was amazing, the speeches were moving and the entire day to evening was a blast!! These are just some of the pictures Dave took, he’s so talented at capturing the magic moments, these are just a…

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Queens Birthday Honours


Southern Lakes Helicopters pilot Richard  »Hannibal » Hayes is one of four new knights:

. . . Milton-born Sir Richard (62), who said he was humbled by the honour, is regarded as  »legendary » in the industry and the South.

That status was reinforced on February 18, 2008, when his Robinson R44 helicopter lost its tail rotor.

Sir Richard managed to keep the craft airborne for 25 minutes before landing the chopper like a fixed-wing plane on a remote agricultural airstrip.

Later that day, he was back in action rescuing French sailors from a capsized yacht off the Otago coast.

While he has received a Federation Aeronautique Internationale Diploma for Outstanding Airmanship in 2007 and a New Zealand Police Award for Services to Search and Rescue in 2002, and became a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to Search and Rescue operations in 2001, the knighthood  »is something…

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Netanyahu Urges World Not To Recognize Palestinian Unity Govt – 1 June 2014

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RT logoIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has firmly warned against the recognition of any Palestinian unity government, stating that a Fatah-Hamas government would only strengthen terrorism.

“I call on all responsible elements in the international community not to rush to recognize a Palestinian government which has Hamas as part of it and which is dependent on Hamas,” he said during a public cabinet meeting.

Netanyahu also stated on his official Twitter account that Hamas is a terrorist organization and that the unity government “rests” on it. He denounced Hamas for calling for the “destruction of Israel,” adding that “the international community must not embrace it.”

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link to original article

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