Day 1 – Around Cannes

Everyone dreams; I document mine.


5/13/14, 6 pm – College International de Cannes

The festival doesn’t start till tomorrow, so today was completely chill and very relaxing. Woke up around 8 to get breakfast which is only served from 8-9, then came back to my room and napped again until we headed out into the city around 12:30/1 pm. Had lunch at a great pizza place (margherita pizza for 7 euros? Yes please), then climbed up to explore the old city and take in the views of all of Cannes from an old church and museum at the top of the hill. Came back down, walked around and observed preparations for the festival tomorrow, and walked back. I came to my room and napped again, then headed outside to sit by the beach and draw. The result of that session is the piece you see up top.

I thought it would be cool to also…

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