8-Days in Korea, What-To-Do: Day 2 + 3

Happiness is Simple

Welcome back! Have you guys finished checking out my first post about Day-1 in Korea?



Then let’s head to the ‘tomorrow‘! Let’s start the day by welcoming the morning sunshine above Korea!! Just kidding, we overslept…. until 1 p.m… sharp…. BUTTT! That much of sleeping powered up our energy for continuing our journey! (WOW, what a reason! Nice try!)


Pic #10 #11 #12 #13: TO-DO-LIST-#6: Visit Gyeong-Bok-Gung Palace!

> This is a check-list for a tour! Though this palace located among modern-buildings, one could still feel its kingdom aura. Do you feel like you’ve seen this sight? Yup, another Korean drama scene we got here.

> Detail of the Interior Sculpture

> I did say that it’s among tall buildings, but fyi the palace was spacious! If you walk further and further away, you’ll see mountains just by your eyes!


> Heyyy…

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