Wolkes Welt 2


Etwas unscharf (nur mit Handy aufgenommen) – aber wunderschön ❤

Ich möchte Euch noch mal von Herzen bitten für die Tatzenhilfe abzustimmen und den Link zu teilen bzw. den Beitrag zu rebloggen. Es kostet doch nur einen Moment Zeit und der Tatzenhilfe wäre so viel damit geholfen. Z.B. um die OP-Kosten für den blinden Kater Filos zu tragen. Er wurde bereits operiert, diese war aber viel aufwändiger als erwartet. Entsprechend höher wird die Rechnung ausfallen. Lasst die Miezen nicht im Stich – teilt im Internet, fragt Familie, Freunde und Bekannte. Danke ❤

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8-Days in Korea, What-To-Do: Day 2 + 3

Happiness is Simple

Welcome back! Have you guys finished checking out my first post about Day-1 in Korea?



Then let’s head to the ‘tomorrow‘! Let’s start the day by welcoming the morning sunshine above Korea!! Just kidding, we overslept…. until 1 p.m… sharp…. BUTTT! That much of sleeping powered up our energy for continuing our journey! (WOW, what a reason! Nice try!)


Pic #10 #11 #12 #13: TO-DO-LIST-#6: Visit Gyeong-Bok-Gung Palace!

> This is a check-list for a tour! Though this palace located among modern-buildings, one could still feel its kingdom aura. Do you feel like you’ve seen this sight? Yup, another Korean drama scene we got here.

> Detail of the Interior Sculpture

> I did say that it’s among tall buildings, but fyi the palace was spacious! If you walk further and further away, you’ll see mountains just by your eyes!


> Heyyy…

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Day 1 – Around Cannes

Everyone dreams; I document mine.


5/13/14, 6 pm – College International de Cannes

The festival doesn’t start till tomorrow, so today was completely chill and very relaxing. Woke up around 8 to get breakfast which is only served from 8-9, then came back to my room and napped again until we headed out into the city around 12:30/1 pm. Had lunch at a great pizza place (margherita pizza for 7 euros? Yes please), then climbed up to explore the old city and take in the views of all of Cannes from an old church and museum at the top of the hill. Came back down, walked around and observed preparations for the festival tomorrow, and walked back. I came to my room and napped again, then headed outside to sit by the beach and draw. The result of that session is the piece you see up top.

I thought it would be cool to also…

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Madrid – a three hour glimpse

Bron and David's trips

Arriving by train, we headed for the main square, Plaza Meyor where a friendly English-speaking guide circled key places to see on a map. Tomorrow is the start of the Fiesta of San Isidro, Madrid’s patron saint, so the city is abuzz. We zipped along, through Segways and bicycle tours to see the Almudena Cathedral, Royal Palace and monument to Cervantes, author of Don Quixote.
We skirted crowds to photograph the proud Edificio Metropolis (1910) in the main thoroughfare, Gran Via and back via the tree-lined Paseo del Prado walkway. Our curiosity was sparked by the ultramodern Caixaforum and an adjacent wall of plants. Tomorrow we will learn more of this great city…









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