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Le seul et unique maillot du PSG

Avant toute chose, nous tenons à remercier les plus de 1700 signataires à ce jour qui ont montré qu’ils partageaient avec nous l’attachement à nos vraies couleurs…

Malheureusement, des fuites concordantes concernant la mouture 2014-2015 du maillot prouvent que cet attachement n’est pas du tout partagé en haut lieu: non seulement il n’est pas question d’un retour au maillot traditionnel du Paris-SG, mais il semble qu’une quatrième couleur fasse son apparition! Le bleu, blanc et rouge (encore disposés de façon fantaisiste) seraient en effet rejoints par un bleu très foncé, voire du noir. Un pas de plus vers le grand n’importe quoi et le foulement au pied de notre passé, de ce que fait que le PSG est le PSG.

Ainsi donc, nous tentons à nouveau de nous faire entendre et de faire savoir aux responsables que des milliers de supporters du club qu’ils dirigent sont blessés par leurs décisions…

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Le Paris Saint-Germain est Champion de France !

Le Paris Saint-Germain conserve son titre de Champion de France ! Les Parisiens peuvent remercier, ce soir, les Guingampais. L’En Avant ayant obtenu un match nul en Principauté, l’AS Monaco ne peut plus, mathématiquement, rejoindre le PSG. Les deux clubs sont désormais séparés de 7 points au classement à deux journées de la fin du championnat. Le PSG va pouvoir fêter son titre, ce soir, sur sa pelouse, lors du match face au Stade Rennais ! C’est le quatrième titre de son histoire pour le club de la Capitale.

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VIDEO: Brazilian Football Team Comes Up With Bizarre New Tactic To Defend Free-Kicks; Still Concedes

Talking Baws

How many times have we seen it in football?

The wall lines up. The wall then jumps. And the clever free-kick taker simply rolls the ball under their feet and past the unsuspecting goalkeeper who was too busy covering the other side of the net.

A high-profile example would be Cristiano Ronaldo’s effort against Bayern Munich in last week’s Champions League semi-final. It’s a risk the wall takes.

But fear no more, for this wily Brazilian outfit have came up with an air-tight plan to combat any cunning dead ball specialist who attempts to roll the ball underneath them. Well, sort of…

Check out this game from round two of the Copa do Brasil where Ponte Preta took on Parana. The home side concede the free-kick just outside the 18-yard box and set up their defensive wall… but with a twist.

I guess they didn’t take into account that the…

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Ontario election: Voting 101

Global News

Here is everything you need to know about voting for the upcoming Ontario Provincial Elections.

Can I vote?

Yes, if you:

  • Are 18 years of age or older
  • Are a Canadian citizen
  • Live in an Ontario electoral district
  • Haven’t already voted

Where can I vote?

If your name is on the Voters List, you’ll be sent a Notice of Registration Card via snail mail. The Card will list your election day voting location. The card will also have the dates, times and places of advance voting locations.

If you don’t get the card, or want to check to make sure, you can find that info online here.

If you aren’t on the Voters’ List you can get yourself added – in person on Election Day at your polling location, if necessary. Here’s what you’ll need to bring with you.

When can I vote?

General Elections will be held Thursday, June…

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Chily Jeon: Graffiti-Inspired


Chily Jeon majors in design at Hongik University. He specializes in grafiiti and illustration, integrating his love for hiphop culture with his passion for art.  He does not currently have a blog to showcase his work, but Waygeek will share it as soon as one does become available.

Chily Jeon (1)Chily Jeon (2)Chily Jeon (3)

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Design concepts for Redford suite cost $173K: documents

Global News

EDMONTON – New documents tabled in the Alberta legislature reveal taxpayers were billed $150,000 just for design concepts on a planned penthouse for former premier Alison Redford.

The total bill for consulting work on the suite, that has been dubbed the sky palace, was just over $173,000.

The documents were tabled in the house by former infrastructure minister Ric McIver, who has stepped down to run for the Tory leadership.

READ MORE: Ric McIver announces bid for Alberta PC leadership 

McIver said he cancelled the sky palace just weeks after he took over the portfolio in January because it wasn’t something taxpayers should pay for.

The suite, with bedrooms for Redford and her daughter, was to match the posh elegance of the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington.

Redford refused to comment on the suite earlier this week, saying she has moved on with her new life as a backbench member…

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Project works to improve First Nations experiences with cancer treatment

Global News

FREDERICTON – A series of paintings depicting First Nations experiences with cancer treatment will be on display in New Brunswick hospitals later this spring.

The project is called « A New Path » and is meant to improve First Nations cultural sensitivity among health care workers in the province.

Natalie Sappier, the artist commissioned by the province, hopes her works will help to bring communities together.

« Cancer is a really big thing. It’s hitting so many, young and old, » she said.

Cancer knows no cultural boundaries, Sappier said.

But having grown up on the Tobique First Nation, she says seeking treatment is often a cultural challenge for First Nations cancer patients.

« When you have elders leaving their community for the first time to do treatment off their community and how it feels, » she said. « That can be a little bit uncomfortable. »

Dr. Eshwar Kumar is co-CEO of the NB Cancer Network. He says health…

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The Sand Fight


I head into the sea to wash the sand out of my hair and leave the boys with their game on the shore. A fun end to the day!

I have been working this week in Tokeh, Sierra Leone. Tokeh is a coastal town and the white-powdered sand beach hugs the shoreline as it curves round with a view of an equally stunning resort called River No 2 that stretches further north. Spending a day working in Tokeh leaves you feeling so relaxed that an evening doing anything but sipping a pina colada as the sun sets is hard to imagine! Today held other plans for me though….

At 6pm I packed up my camera equipment and decided to go for a dip in the Atlantic Ocean before getting ready for dinner. The warm cast of a cloudy sunset sky and the whole beach to myself was too good an opportunity to miss! As I waded in the water with my waterproof snapshot camera tucked in my board shorts I heard the familiar cries of « snap me, snap me! ». It…

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Luttes pour les salaires dans la restauration rapide

Solidarité Ouvrière

Yahoo News, 7 mai 2014 :

Depuis plus de deux ans, le mouvement de colère contre les bas salaires dans l’industrie de la restauration rapide n’arrête pas de s’étendre partout aux États-Unis.

Voilà qu’il s’étend à travers le monde. Le 15 mai, des travailleurs de la restauration rapide prévoient une journée de grève dans 150 villes des États-Unis, accompagnée de protestations dans une trentaine de pays, selon des sources recueillies par le site de nouvelles et d’analyses américains Salon.

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