Taking closer look at Wiggins, Parker, Embiid, other top underclassmen in draft


These NBA playoffs have been so much fun it’s been easy to forget about the NBA Draft.

However, on May 20 the ping-pong balls will bounce (not literally, I know) and the fates of teams in the NBA Draft Lottery will be decided. Maybe this NBA Draft class is not going to be as transcendent as it was once cracked up to be, but it is still very good.

Ed Isaacson of NBADraftBlog.com and Rotoworld is PBT’s draft expert and he took a look at 39 of the college underclassmen who declared and entered the draft for Rotoworld, ranking them. Those rankings, BTW, go Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid, Marcus Smart, Julius Randle for the Top 5. It goes on from there.

Isaacson writes a graph on each one. Here are just a few highlights, but you should go read the entire thing.

1. Andrew Wiggins, Freshman…

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Why America’s Toys Are Getting Cheap and Other Fascinating News on the Web



1. Let Them Eat Cake Boss

We’ve seen the gulf between rich and poor widen dramatically over the past decade. If a smaller percentage of the population has a greater percentage of the cash, then why are advanced phones, computers and especially televisions flying of the shelf? It turns out that the prices of those items are going down. But « prices are rising on the very things that are essential for climbing out of poverty. » The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson: Why America’s essentials are getting more expensive while its toys are getting cheap.

2. Class is in Cession

On my first day working at a high school in Brooklyn, I was subbing for a teacher who had been stabbed in the hand with a pencil by student who was unwilling to give up his Walkman. I can’t imagine what it takes for today’s teachers to distract students from their much…

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Pharrell Williams et le chapeau montagne !

Pungu Sisters

Pharrell Pharrell Williams

Le chapeau montagne : must-have de la saison !

C’est le 27 janvier dernier que le monde redécouvrait le Buffalo Hat encore appelé Mountain Hat. Pharrel Williams, le chanteur et producteur américain avait opté pour la version vintage de Vivienne Westwood de la collection Automne/Hiver 82, à l’occasion de la cérémonie des Grammy Awards.  Face aux feedback positifs des critiques de mode, la star en a même fait son accessoire signature.

D’autres stars comme le basketteur Lebron James, le producteur Diddy et les humoristes Kennan Thompson et Taran Killam de l’émission Saturday Night Live s’y sont essayés et depuis, le Buffalo Hat est devenu un classique que tout le monde s’arrache !

Unisexe, il est possible d’en trouver en différentes tailles, formes et couleurs. En hiver et automne, optez pour les couleurs vives comme la version rouge bordeaux à haute altitude (20 cm) et pour l’été, préférez celui en paille avec…

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White People Are The Worst – Hockey Edition

The Belle Jar

Trigger warning for racist and violent language and images

Last night, Montreal Canadiens player P. K. Subban scored the winning goal against the Boston Bruins in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinal.

Predictably, Boston fans were outraged. In this case, though, with Subban as one of the few black players in the league, their anger took a sickeningly racist turn.

It was so bad that the n-word was briefly trending on Twitter in Boston. Seriously. Think about that for a minute. Think about how many people must have been tweeting one of the vilest, most degrading racist slurs in our language in order for it to be trending in a city the size of Boston. That is not just a few racist fans making everyone look bad – that is a whole fucking lot of people trying their hardest to make Subban (and all people of colour) aware of just how…

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