Facebook backs App Links for app-to-app linking on mobiles


At its F8 conference on Wednesday , Facebook(s fb) said we need a better way to move between links and apps on mobile devices. Indeed we do, as it’s no fun getting bounced around from one app only to open another for a short bit and then have to find our way back to the original app. Enter App Links : An open-source effort to make mobile linking a more seamless experience.

app links

The idea of hitting a link in one app to open another isn’t new. What App Links appears to be is a standardized way to do this going forward through metadata tags and a centralized repository of APIs that Facebook is indexing. It already supports Apple’s(s aapl) iOS, Google’s(s goog) Android and Microsoft(s msft) Windows Phone platforms.

So what does this « app to app linking » promise bring? A better end-user experience for one:

The idea here is that instead of…

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