Poor, bedraggled knit

knit the hell out

Remember the Peachick Eyes Cardigan?  It wasn’t seeing much love with my obsessive knitting on Cocktail(Dress).  Well, sometimes I like to knit while I walk to work in the morning when the weather is nice.  I can do this with stockinette projects that are mostly auto-pilot knitting, because I don’t have to look at them while knitting.  The Peachick was going to be my walk-and-knit project since the dress was getting too large for this.  When I walk and knit, it makes me walk a little more slowly, but it’s a lovely time to walk at a leisurely pace with all of the gorgeous flowering trees on my walk to work.

Monday I planned on walking and knitting, but I ended up having less time to walk than I planned, so I wasn’t able to do both.  Monday went by with me taking no breaks and it wasn’t until the…

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Mobile Google apps – now they’re just showing off

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I think Microsoft hit a Google nerve. Just weeks after Microsoft posted new mobile tools for its office suite, Google comes back with handy mobile apps for each of its Google Drive tools – Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

The Drive app is still around and still a handy place to store your stuff but the individual mobile apps make it easier to find, edit, and create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Starting today, you can download standalone mobile apps for Docs and Sheets – with Slides apparently coming soon.

So. Need to mess with a document?

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Food and decor at Kiki & Lala Cafe in Shibuya is sure to melt your heart, despite long wait time

SoraNews24 -Japan News-


Earlier this month we posted an announcement about a special limited-time Kiki & Lala Cafe in Tokyo’s trendy Shibuya district. The photos from the preview were just so adorable that we almost had little hearts spilling out of our eyes, and had to send a writer from our Japanese sister site Pouch over to get the inside scoop. After four failed attempts, she finally managed to make her way inside and discover the magical secrets within for herself. The reason it took so long for her to get in? It’s because the place is just too darn popular!  

If you’re a fan of Sanrio’s cute characters and are anxious to go for yourself but are a bit hesitant about the long wait, you’ll definitely want to check out our writer’s comments and eight practical tips for planning a visit.

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Facebook backs App Links for app-to-app linking on mobiles


At its F8 conference on Wednesday , Facebook(s fb) said we need a better way to move between links and apps on mobile devices. Indeed we do, as it’s no fun getting bounced around from one app only to open another for a short bit and then have to find our way back to the original app. Enter App Links : An open-source effort to make mobile linking a more seamless experience.

app links

The idea of hitting a link in one app to open another isn’t new. What App Links appears to be is a standardized way to do this going forward through metadata tags and a centralized repository of APIs that Facebook is indexing. It already supports Apple’s(s aapl) iOS, Google’s(s goog) Android and Microsoft(s msft) Windows Phone platforms.

So what does this « app to app linking » promise bring? A better end-user experience for one:

The idea here is that instead of…

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